I am a brand new person! I have been attending group deliverances for a couple of years and have served on Eleanor’s ministry team for about six months. I have always struggled with anger. Since I was a child I have had anger issues. My mother has said I was born angry. She has told me that it runs in our family and that her father’s side of the family was a really angry group of people. I remember my grandfather’s anger and it was scary. I would beat up other children, punch walls, lash out at people and overreact in situations. Doctors would say that my anger was a symptom of depression and prescribe antidepressants. I hated how they made me feel and refused to take them after a while. I was always waffling between anger and repentance, but like an alcoholic drinks I would always return to anger. When I look back on my childhood, anger was my dominating emotion. I began to use anger to accomplish things. I would lift weights, run, and obsessively clean to “burn” off the anger I always felt. Nothing really worked. I would read the bible and get angry! But I have been healed. Immediatly after the deliverance session in which anger and rage were called out, an overwhelming sence of peace overcame me and stayed. I do not take offense to everything anymore. My anger is gone! Praise God!! I want everyone to know the provision of healing and deliverance that God has given us through the work of Jesus at the cross. I can now be used more effectively by God to do His work and enjoy each day He has given me. Thank you to Eleanor and her entire ministry team.