You wouldn’t have liked me then—I know I didn’t like myself—and I certainly didn’t let anyone close enough to know the real me. I was a negative, pessimistic, bitter person who seethed anger from my pores as if I was sitting in a 200 degree sauna 247. I felt like I was living in the burnt out shell of a quasiChristian—God’s child—but someone who neither knew who he was nor where he was going.

That’s all changed now thanks to Isaiah 61 Ministries and the hand of God who reached out to a broken, bleeding heart in desperate need of healing.

The biggest thing I’ve learned recently is to get out of my own way. You see, I was defeating myself since I had so many negative beliefs and strongholds in place. Anyone relate? I was terrified of change and obsessed with playing it safe. I couldn’t receive the love of God, kind words from my wife or any good things that came my way. Maybe you understand. I so yearned to walk in the abundance of God and in my identity in Christ, but I had no idea how to do it.

I had tried books, Christian counseling, discipleship, attending Bible studies and all that. But nothing worked, well, it all helped. And then God showed up in a powerful way when I least expected it.

I didn’t truly find freedom in Christ until I started coming to Isaiah 61 ministries and received the deliverance I so desperately needed.

Honestly, I was skeptical. I had done deliverance before and can’t say I was too impressed. You know the story, those preacher types who were in it for the show, before the TV cameras…and there was even one who charged for it. Go figure. But this was different, big time. God was moving and working in ways I never anticipated!

Anyway, I kept an open mind and went through the prayers with Pastor Eleanor, feeling it a bit mundane and not thinking much of it. But in the days and weeks, now months following, I not only know that it was real, but my life has been changed, no, transformed, and a whole new me has emerged.

I’m just not the same person anymore. Yeah, I still struggle with things like everyone else does and I still sin. But it doesn’t have a hold on me like it used to. I no longer feel bound, but free! I walk in the freedom of Christ. The Spirit lives in me and I receive God’s blessings daily and his favor all the time. I have gone from being pessimistic to optimistic. From mean and defensive to caring and loving.

I can’t tell you the innumerable miracles that have transpired in my life since being delivered of so many things:

• My relationship with Jesus Christ is now one characterized by intimacy and love, instead of legalistic religion.

• I got my ideal job that I never would’ve had the courage or confidence to pursue earlier.

• This new position was a financial windfall, with my salary increasing almost 30%.

• God has changed my heart from one of stone (protective and defensive) to one of flesh (open).

• I no longer see red, getting angry at every little thing and expecting bad things to happen.

• Where I used to truly think that the “blessings of the Bible” didn’t apply to me, I expect them and see them occur naturally.

Here’s what I found: God is good. He really is who He says He is. I believe that now. Many of you out there may publicly confess the Biblical view of God. But privately, deep down in your heart, you may not accept that. But it’s true.

So, I encourage you to do a couple of things, for your own good:

1) Please by all means, be skeptical. Check out the Word of God regarding deliverance. Seek His will and ask your Father about freedom in Christ and the part He wants Isaiah 61 ministries to play, if any in it.

2) Pray about it and ask God to open your heart and show you the truth and what He wants to do in your life.

3) Ask Jesus Christ about your destiny. What does He want for you? What does your future look like? Do peace, contentment, fulfillment and joy visit you often? If not, why not and what can you do about it?

4) Show up to the service once, just once. Go with low expectations or none for that matter. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! And who knows, you just might find your life radically changed! I know I did.

Eric K. Phoenix, Arizona February 4, 2007