Kathy H., who is not pictured, had severe hypoglycemia which had her bedridden for 3 years. As a result of this condition, she’d lost her job as a schoolteacher, and her condition was so severe, that all she had the strength to do was crawl out of bed for an hour at a time, and crawl back in. Her body would only assimilate 2 types of food, ham and crackers, and that’s what she lived on for 3 years. Severe hypoglycemia is worse than diabetes because they can’t even give you insulin for it. After the Curse of the Shawnee Indian was broken off of her, she was completely delivered and healed of her condition, and the very next day was able to eat all the foods she’d not been able to eat for 27 years. Within a few weeks she was back to work as a schoolteacher.
Praise The Lord!