“Depression…the worst kind…suffered all my life, but it increased starting last May 2011. Although I’ve known The Lord since 1983, I’ve had very little knowledge of the powers of darkness. In 1990 a psychiatrist put me on anti-depressants and in the next 19 years I tried every brand ever manufactures, with no success. all they did was kill my emotions. I could not cry, laugh – felt totally drugged up. Then came the diagnosis of bi-polar and more drugs, with the drug Risperdol doing the most damage. Side effects were that it was frying my brain and memory. I demanded the psychiatrist take me off all my meds. First came the euphoria, then the rage and anger. I thought it was maybe a chemical imbalance until one day I heard a voice whisper in my right ear “get a gun and blow your brains out”. Then I knew that it was totally satanic, so I started to seek a deliverance ministry. Sad to say, the first one I went and the one which did the most damage, was known world-wide, asked not only $500 an hour to personally minister to me, but also his deliverance team used new age techniques on me as well as totally unbiblical methods. I never received any help there. Very shortly after being there I developed insomnia, which caused me to fall asleep behind the wheel and get into 2 car wrecks. All of this caused me to have to take early retirement.. Then I went to another local deliverance ministry. He, too, had some weird methods that I questioned. I did not receive any help or deliverance there only frustration. Then I googled “Deliverance Ministries and Isaiah 61 popped up. I contacted Eleanor and she had me forward my profile. After meeting with her, hope finally loomed on the horizon. By now, depression had become so severe that I cried all day and night and could not sleep except for maybe 2-3 hours. Victory finally came when I met with Eleanor and one of her assistants. The spirit of depression was so strong that it took 45 minutes for it to come out. I finally collapsed….in peace!! Tears came flowing as Eleanor asked the Holy Spirit to go into me and bring peace to take the place of the depression. From that point on I have not awakened with that horrible heaviness and depression that made me cry all day.

She had me name everyone from that false deliverance group that laid hands on me , and commanded the demons that transferred to me to leave me. Also spirits of suicide and insomnia were cast out.

Thank you, Eleanor, for obeying His call on your life. Bless your ministry!”

Kati H.

Phoenix, AZ