“Tonight’s deliverance session with the Isaiah 61 Ministers was very enlightening. Let me share why. I told them that I needed help with intense anger when I drove. When anger was called up, immaturity, impatience, hurt, hatred were under its authority. I shared with them that when I was 8 years old my mom was broad-sided and killed by a 16 year old girl who blew a stop sign. I told them that I already forgave the girl who did that, just then, one of the ministers said, “hatred for teenage girls”. I said, “Oh, yes big time”. I never knew why I had those feelings for girls I didn’t even know! Actually people in general who drive badly I felt hatred for. Now I know why. The Holy Spirit showed us that the reason I have road rage with inconsiderate drivers goes back to the teenager that “killed” my mother! WOW. Another thing that we discovered, is the reason why I like to drag race is because it lets ME have control over cars and driving. I guess because as a little girl I had no control over the car that ran into my mom.” – Laura