img6_smallDear Eleanor,

I have been attending both group and personal deliverance sessions held by Isaiah 61 ministries for about 3 months.  Because of this ministries anointing, sacrifice, hard work and expertise I have been set free in so many areas and am finally able to begin walking in the fullness of God toward the destiny he has for me.

Many significant changes have occurred since attending these sessions such as:  1) I am able to look people straight in the eye  2) I do not feel condemned when I see others with spiritual gifts and talents 3) I no longer wrap myself tightly in my blanket and rock in my sleep as I have for so many years  4) I am not fearful at night anymore  5) I no longer have attacks of anxiety.  The above are just a few things that have changed in my life and there have been many more.

The most notable change is that I have been cured of dyslexia.  Since I was young, not only did I reverse letters, but I had a form of dyslexia where I couldn’t tell my right from left without struggle, I was scared of going in reverse, and when reading when I got to an end of a line I would have to quickly memorize the line and jump to the next line or I would lose where I was on the document.  In other words, I couldn’t track line to line without losing my place and that was my way of adapting.  Needless to say I can read to the end of lines without losing my place now.  I also do not reverse letters any more (I discovered this while typing when I did not have to go back and correct anymore), and I am able to take and give a command of left and right with no struggle.  Praise the Lord!!!

Moreover, since the deliverance I can hear the voice of the Lord much more clearly!!!  It’s as if He has turned a faucet of prophetic words to give to the lost.  30 of my students and staff at the school I teach came to the Lord and some were baptized in the holy spirit and several healings manifested.  Even now, I am able to evangelize on the streets, in my gym, in the grocery store etc. without fear, shame or condemnation and God has increased my ability to love and be compassionate.

I WAS NOT ABLE TO DO THESE THINGS BEFORE I CAME TO ISAIAH 61MINISTRIES!!!! In closing, I would like to encourage you all to attend this ministry as it is Eleanor’s heart to see ALL OF YOU set free and this is GOD’S plan for your life.  Don’t go another day in bondage if you don’t have to. Thank you Eleanor.  I am eternally grateful.

Melissa =)