rachelTo all,

I want to share my gratitude for this ministry of Isaiah 61. I thank the Lord
for all he is doing through this ministry. I have a praise report for my deliverance’s: I have had 3 personal deliverance sessions, as well as many group deliverance’s and in between those times have consistently listened to the many subjects on Eleanor’s tapes. My first personal deliverance was from the occult and witchcraft. After the deliverance, I felt such a release spiritually as well as physically. My next personal deliverance was on eating disorders, a big deliverance for me that I have been battling off and on for many years, has been healed! Due to the name changes during birth, it left me confused, I now have a new sense of clarity that came due to the deliverance! One thing that really was very powerful is the mother’s forgiveness prayer, this changed my relationship with my mother, I have a peace with her that I never had before. I am so thankful that the Lord lead me here, it was exactly was my soul was longing for. A few years ago I had read “Pigs in the Parlor” and tried to do some self deliverance, and it helped during that time, but I needed more and 3 years later I was lead to this ministry for full deliverance and healing. I know I still need more deliverance but I can rest assured that I am at the right place at the right time. I thank our Father in Heaven for all that is happening through personal deliverance’s, group deliverance’s, all the tapes. I thank Rev. Eleanor Butkiewicz personally for her wisdom and the anointing that
flows through her and her team leaders guided by the Holy Spirit.

Walking in deliverance, Rachel