106_1121_smallSkeptic I was, Believer I am. On Sept. 8th 2009 I attended your ministry with doubt in my mind and heart. I told myself a healing ministry? Come on seriously Rich the only place that I have ever heard of something like this was in the deep south and it was nothing but a bunch of Hocus Pocus. Well after attending and experiencing my first ministry with you and your team, I can honestly and truly say that none of it was Hocus Pocus, this was the true workings of our HEAVENLY FATHER AND THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. For over 10 years I have struggled with a METH ADDICTION that I have been unable to conquer until this day. I experienced something that I don’t think I can explain other than a feeling of a 1000 lb weight being removed from my shoulders. I received the FATHERS PRAYER from Paul one of your team members. Since my first deliverance I have experienced something that I haven’t experienced in my life for over 10 yrs that is COMPLETE AND UTTER CALMNESS in my life, from my relationship with GOD down to my wife. For 10 yrs I would wake up wanting and needing my drug of choice (METH), I awoke the next morning as if GOD had given a me a NEW LEASE ON LIFE. I have attended your ministry 3 more time since my first time and since attending these healing ministries, GOD has shown me a NEW WAY OF LIFE, especially with my Relationship with my wife. A year ago my wife had filed for DIVORCE and today we are HAPPILY MARRIED I received a text message from her on Oct 30, 2009 she wrote, Just wanted to tell you I Love you and I am so Proud of you. You have come a long way. You have become the man I married again. Thank you. I never expected to hear these words nor even see them from her ever, but through the GRACE OF GOD I have.