Dear Eleanor,

I’m 39 years old and had been a full-blown alcoholic since my early 20’s, although my drinking started when I was 14. I was never an atheist but didn’t become a follower of Christ until the past 2 years. For over a year I’ve been attending a Christian based recovery group to overcome alcoholism, with mixed results. I was drinking less, but my desire to get drunk never subsided. It was incredibly frustrating. I’d stay sober for a night and feel really good about it the next morning, but by the evening I’d be hammered with the urge to get drunk “just this one last time”. Some nights I’d be able to control it, but many other nights I’d give up even trying and cave in to temptation. Because the urges were barely diminishing, I started to feel despondent. It seemed hopeless to continue battling an addiction that I couldn’t overcome and my nights, especially the sober ones, were such miserable experiences that I began to question if sobriety was even worth attempting anymore. A friend told me about Isaiah 61 Ministries and suggested I try deliverance. I was intrigued but skeptical. Fortunately I didn’t let cynicism stop me from trying it, because the results were miraculous. My cravings have been completely eliminated. As of this writing it’s only been a few weeks but those weeks have been unlike anything I can remember in my adult lifetime. I want to thank Eleanor and the staff at Isaiah 61 Ministries. More importantly I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for leading me to them and for the healing He provided me.

Scott Austin