tanya_s“I have been regular at the Mayo Clinic with a long list of unexplainable ailments and infirmities. When going through deliverance, Rev. Eleanor got a Word of Knowledge from the Holy Spirit that a curse was put on my family line back in 1842, which was confirmed by my mother. She remembers my grandmother telling her that someone put a curse on the family back in Czechoslovakia, but didn’t know the year. Since that curse was broken and then all the ailments and infirmities cast out of me, I am completely healed of:
l. Severe migraine headaches, for which I could find no medical help.
2. Reynaulds disease which caused me hands and feet to go from hot to cold, and numbness. 3. Severe Hypoglycemia which caused shakiness and made me eat every 2 hours, including at night. 4. Vertigo 5. Nausea —These are all gone,

Praise The Lord, and I am healed. No more painkillers and prescription medications. I came to Deliverance with sores in my mouth – Herpes Virus – after the deliverance session, they were completely gone; I was also delivered of and am completely healed of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Yeast Infections. Also no more bad dreams, to God be the Glory!” – Tanya S.