This is the testimony of a woman who tried to commit suicide one day, w/o even knowing why. She said that what was really odd about that whole incident is that she didn’t feel stressed or depressed and cannot remember any part of that night, no matter how hard she tried. Something just took her over and after that, she went into severe panic attacks and was put on all kinds of medications by her Psychologists/Psychiatrists. She is a beautiful woman of God and the mother of a young man very active in the Church Youth Group. Her son brought her to our Deliverance Meeting, and the rest is in her words:

“I cannot tell you how amazing I feel after Tuesday’s Deliverance Session. I was able to stand out in the dark and look up at the stars without being afraid, not to mention standing in the dark with a breeze and still not being afraid. I felt nothing but peace. Yesterday I went to the grocery store, which normally would involve taking Klonopin medication before leaving, drove with the windows down and did my grocery shopping without incident. I wasn’t even concerned with whether I would make it home before dark or not. Praise God!!!!”

She is now free from all medications and has cancelled her appointments with the psychologist/psychiatrists!

Wendi G.