Dearest Eleanor:

Prior to coming to your ministry meetings, I had NO IDEA of generational curses and the negative impact that they have on our lives. My family has a lengthy history of alcoholism going back many generations. Many of the members of my family have also owned bars (including myself)!

After 30+ years of drinking to the point that I was having increasing blackouts only to be told by “others” what had transpired the night before! As much as I TRIED to quit and take control of the situation, it was only curtailed for short periods of time. After I was introduced to Isaiah 61 Ministries (during the midst of my marriage of 21 years being severed), I attended a LIFE ALTERING meeting that SET ME FREE from the bondage of alcoholism FOREVER!

I recall directly after the alcoholism deliverance is was as if a switch had been shut off in my desire for alcohol and his mind altering effects. “How can this be, I thought?” “Will it last?”

Now, nearly 2 years later I can tell you IT DOES LAST! I have no desires (and have not since that day) for anything relative to alcohol!!

As I continued coming to your ministry I have been blessed beyond measure to have been delivered from a multitude of curses which has allowed me to enjoy a live now worth living again!!

I will be forever grateful to you and continually pray that your Ministry will bring in the multitudes that deserve deliverance from a variety of addictions! Isaiah 61 is truly the missing link!

Kim B.