“I would like to share my testimony.  I was tortured for almost 8 years with panic attacks and recently depression and suicidal thoughts.  I was on Xanax for that entire time.  I tried everything I could think of that would help with the anxiety.  It truly affected every aspect of my life.  I could barely sit through a 30 minute meeting at work.  Even a 5 minute drive was enough to send me over the edge and many times if I was in a store or if we went out to eat I would simply just leave.
In December I had a wave of depression that hit me, unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I was in a store when I hard a voice tell me I could just end it all.  I could just go home and take all my pills and I wouldn’t have to suffer with this anxiety or depression anymore.  Needless to say, I knew that was NOT a rational thought and not something from God.  I came home in tears and began praying.  I have been a Christian my entire life and I could not understand why I was having so many issues.  I work in a field where I hold the hands of the dying and try to bring as many as I can to Christ before their final breath.  A part of me was furious with Him for allowing this to happen to me and not healing me as I had begged him to.  After my crying session, I got up and decided to get online and research different scriptures that related to healing.  I don’t even know how it happened but the Isaiah 61 Ministries came up.  I then contacted Eleanor and she explained briefly what was in operation and that it probably emanated from my childhood, in addition to  generational curses in operation.   I was instructed to read her book to get a better understanding of deliverance and generational curses.  As I read her book, oh wow, were my eyes opened!  I didn’t realize how messed up my family was.  My dad and past generations were involved heavily in Freemasonry.  I also didn’t fully realize how my childhood was related to all of this.
As we went through our sessions, I was delivered and set free from so, so many things.  First off we got rid of that spirit of dread and then came Xanax, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.  I have not taken a Xanax since that time, Jan. 17th, and that is a miracle!  When Eleanor called out of me all those death spirits that had transferred to me from the patients I had cared for, the rest of the anxiety completely left, as well as pain in the chest.  Everytime Eleanor called something up, I would vomit, and that is not something I do easily.  She explained that people feel anxiety when they are dying and also heaviness in their chest, which had all transferred to me.
The devil stole 8 years of my life and I refuse to give him even a nanosecond of it now.  THE DELIVERANCE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.  I will never be able to thank God enough for placing Eleanor in my life and I can never than Eleanor enough for being honest and upfront about deliverance.  Very rarely do we hear any churches teach this.  I have since given my mom a copy of her book and she in turn sent one to my brother.
Jenna B.
Tucson, AZ