I had to send you this as soon as I got home from tonight’s meeting. As you remember I was regularly attending until about 7 months ago…in those 7 months I went from a size 4 to a size 11. My eating habits had not changed. I was exercising and could not understand where the weight was coming from. All of it was around my middle section, my belly. I would pray everyday, even laying hands on my stomach and nothing. I looked pregnant and was very uncomfortable as you can imagine. I became worried and as I was praying one day, I asked “lord, what is THIS, I look pregnant!”. His clear response was, “You are…with demons and soul wounds. Get back to Eleanor’s. I have you there for a reason”. After Tuesday night’s repentance for anger at God, and when that unclean spirit behind that was cast out, I IMMEDIATELY lost 2 inches around my belly and went home and fit into my size 9 jeans. Not only that but the next day I was offered a job better than I imagined and expected. This was after trying to get a job for 6 months and sending out 100’s of resumes.
Praise The Lord and thank you, Eleanor!

Ashley D.
Phx. AZ