My daughter, Julianna, has been struggling with anxiety since she was a little girl. .Almost exactly one year ago the anxiety got the better of her and she ended up being admitted to a psych hospital in downtown Phoenix.  She was there for 10 days and when she returned home she was so full of drugs she could hardly stay awake and function as a person.  During the deliverance session on Aug. 18th, Eleanor broke the curse of anxiety over Julianna.  It was a difficult deliverance with lots of resistance, but Julianna was set free.
She took a lower dose of her anxiety pills for 3 days afterwards and has not had a pill since.  Life is still hard and days are not always easy, but taking another pill to get through the day is not even an option and isn’t necessary.  We are so grateful to the Lord for His mercy, His goodness and for delivering our daughter from anxiety as well as many, many other things!
Paulita T.
Glendale, AZ