I have been plagued with a Disjointed Sacroiliac for 20 some years which is incurable.  It would cause me great pain and many times I’d be bedridden when the pain would flare up.  I had gone to Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and nothing changed.  Then, through a series of circumstances, a friend of mine referred me to Isaiah 61 Ministries.  When I talked to Eleanor, she said she could minister to me and that The Lord would heal me.  As soon as I went through a Deliverance Session with Eleanor, I was completely and totally healed.  When I returned home, my wife was amazed.  She said I left walking like a 90 year old and came back walking like a 21 year old.  All of the pain, discomfort, everything is completely gone and I am miraculously healed!  To God be the Glory.

John Libby, Vistancia, Az