The following testimony is about a little boy named Jai who was adopted out of foster care by a loving Christian couple with a heart for children. Background: His mother was an alcoholic and on heroin and other drugs while pregnant with him, also in and out of jail from the time of his birth, same with the father. Jai was born with opiates in his body – his extremities were blue at birth.

He was placed in his loving Christian home at age 2 l/2. He used a lot of crass, adult language and played with toy kitchen cups acting as though he was “throwing down a shot”. He never slept because of the fear of a man he saw in the window that could take him away. He would self-harm, banging head to the point of bruising, biting himself until bleeding, scratching/clawing himself until bleeding; stabbed himself in the face and head with a fork, trying to gouge out his eye with a spoon and hanger, wrapping a thick rubber band around his neck. he would scream “stop that”, “quit touching me”,” leave me alone” when there was alone. When his Mom would ask “Jai, are you okay”, he’d start throwing things at her, hollering at her and then banging his head against his crib bars. At age 5, the behavior continued and he was defiant saying “No one tells me what to do.” He would break toys, destroy books (especially Bibles), break furniture, bust holes in walls and deliberately urinate on or wipe feces on things. . He also had weird sexual behavior.

All of that was prior to his deliverance. His wonderful Christian mom wept with joy as at the end of the deliverance session, he jumped into her lap and hugged her. She said he’s NEVER done that before. I dealt with the all of the things mentioned above and also I knew that the man he was seeing in his window that caused him so much fear that he would be afraid to fall asleep was the grandfather whom he was placed with for 6 months and who is a registered child sex offender, so I called out child sexual molestation and incest.

Here is his Mom’s testimony sent out on text to a group of friends and myself:

“Took Jai to Isaiah 61 Ministries for deliverance and inner healing today. God worked an incredible miracle through Eleanor as she ministered. As Jai would receive healing, his eyes and demeanor would change and he would move in a little closer to Eleanor. By the end of the session, he seemed to think that she was pretty much his best friend. It was really cool to witness the working of the Holy Spirit. When the session ended, Jai came over and crawled into my lap and let me snuggle and love on him. He has NEVER allowed me to do that. He is no longer growling. His volume decibel and intensity has drastically decreased. He carries on a conversation, laughs and sings with genuine joy. He doesn’t cower when being touched or hugged. He is willing to receive instruction. He doesn’t have to be the center of attention at all times, no matter the cost. He has a calmness and peace about him that he has never had. And for the first time since entering my home, he fell asleep within just minutes of getting in bed. He is a child, so I do expect normal child behavior but rejoicing in the miraculous changes that can only be attributed to a Loving God. Thank you Jesus!”

Phoenix AZ