Christian Teachings on Healing and Deliverance

1st CD:What is Deliverance/Can a Christian Have a Demon?

2nd CD: Generational Curses and How They Pertain to us Today


Learn life-changing, hidden biblical principals in these two teaching CD’s. These are two CD’s that will help you to recognize the destructive patterns that’ve come down your bloodline, i.e. alcoholism, addictions, abuse, adultry, eating disorders, etc. You will learn how demonic powers are transferred from generation to generation through the bloodline. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Let’s learn how to tap into that abundant life and the miraculous through the forgotten ministry of Jesus Christ, the Ministry of Deliverance.

For further information on these subjects, please go to our Book Page and order Rev. Eleanor’s book entitled “Restoring the Broken Walls of Past Generations.

In “Restoring the Broken Walls of Past Generations you will discover how Satan and his hordes of hell never stop plotting and strategizing against God’s beloved creation. Discover the spiritual combat that is forever going on in the invisible realm between two forces – the powers of darkness and God’s army of angels over your soul and destiny.

Rev. Eleanor will help you understand the two invisible Kingdoms locked in mortal combat over your life. You will begin to comprehend the fullness of Christ’s triumph over Satan and move into the authority given to you through that triumph. Learn how to stop being a victim and become a victor.

Group Deliverances


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