Patti B.

I have suffered with a debilitating genetic disorder since I was a young girl, but it wasn't until twelve years ago that I found a doctor who knew how to successfully manage it with medication. Stress can exponentially...

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Eric K.

You wouldn’t have liked me then – l know I didn’t like myself – and I certainly didn’t let anyone close enough to know the real me. I was a negative, pessimistic, bitter, person who seethed anger from my pores as if I was sitting in a 200 degree sauna. I felt...

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John L.

I have been plagued with a Disjointed Sacroiliac for 20 some years which is incurable.  It would cause me great pain and many times I’d be bedridden when the pain would flare up.  I had gone to Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and nothing changed. ...

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Sandra S.

Dear Eleanor, My sister and I are very grateful for the deliverance we experienced at your meeting.  Thank you for being willing to change your topic for the evening to accommodate our request.  My sister Susanne had a particularly moving...

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Monica L.

When I started coming to the Isaiah 61 meetings a year ago, Eleanor called out Asthma and I haven’t had asthma in a full year, not even a cold. Before that I would get colds and influenza every year and that would trigger asthma and I would be sick for a couple of...

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John H.

I had 2 emergency room trips due to high blood pressure and not feeling well in the morning after awakening. In one instance I awoke at 3 am and could not breathe. It felt like an explosion in my head with a white flash of light that followed. It sounded like a cherry...

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Tyanna H.

In May of 2018, I was diagnosed with what was a very frightening diagnosis: Colon/Rectal Cancer. After 5 Doctors (Gastroenterologist, 2 Colorectal Surgeons and 2 Oncologists), 2 exploratory surgeries and 3 confirmed positive/malignant tests (Pathologist Report, PET...

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Johna H.

"Eleanor, Thank you so much for the work you have committed your life to.  I believe that you have saved mine as well as many others! God Bless you!!!" I came to the December 14th, 2018, Deliverance Meeting on Freemasonry,  despite the fact that I was so weak I was...

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Cynthia D. – Scts. AZ

I experienced a miracle. As I was driving, a car came out of nowhere and was headed straight toward me and it looked like it was going to be a head-on crash, but for no apparent reason, the little whit car that was coming towards me swerved (it looked like it was...

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John H. – Phx. AZ

"I came to an Isaiah 61 deliverance meeting for the 1st time, not knowing anything about deliverance. I was invited by someone in the Church because I had to go to Emergency the night before due to a severe panic attack. I also had not slept in 32 years due to...

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