All my life I have dealt with fear, fear of heights and fear of being in a car when someone else is driving plus terrible anxiety and panic attacks in the middle of the night. I have taken allergy medicine for so long that I wouldn’t even go to work without it being in my purse. Also, I used to hear people talk about their wonderful dreams and the only dreams I had were not good dreams and they were very rare. I wanted to have wonderful dreams and wake up with dreams that I could think of during the day and share with other but I thought I probably would never have a real good dream. Since starting through the deliverance’s with Isaiah 61 and Eleanor and her team, I can for the first time climb up on a ladder or chair without being gripped with fear and feeling dizzy and having anxiety attacks. I can ride in a car and not grip the handle and I can carry on a normal conversation (before I couldn’t talk because I was so fearful of being in an accident). I have not taken an allergy pill since right after starting the deliverances and in fact don’t even know if I have any in the house. The freedom I feel in my life and the joy of having wonderful dreams that make me feel good when I wake up is truly a gift from the Lord. I know that these curses were generational because I saw the very same ones in my Mother and Father. I love being able to pray for others with more freedom and being able to help them more. I am excited to learn more and have even more progress with freedom of more generation curses. Thank you Isaiah 61 for the freedom you have given me in my life. You are definitely used of the Lord.
– Cathy Kuntz