John L.

I have been plagued with a Disjointed Sacroiliac for 20 some years which is incurable.  It would cause me great pain and many times I'd be bedridden when the pain would flare up.  I had gone to Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and nothing...

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Esther D.

I had my check-up and a blood test at my Doctor's. The results came out frightening. The Doctor told me it seems that I have either cancer or an autoimmune disease, so she wanted to do further tests and new blood work. I went and did the test again and decided to ask...

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The following testimony is about a little boy named Jai who was adopted out of foster care by a loving Christian couple with a heart for children. Background: His mother was an alcoholic and on heroin and other drugs while pregnant with him, also in and out of jail...

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Whitney S.

I can't begin to even put in to words the mental torment I went through starting at the age of five. I had serious OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). The obsessions would repeat over and over and over. The only time I didn't have the thoughts would be when I was...

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Peggy W.

The Lord spoke to me in a dream that I was to start tithing to Isaiah 61 Ministries, and ever since I started sending Isaiah 61 my tithe I have been more blessed than ever in my life. I was able to get out of debt. I got married to the most gentle man in the world and...

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Dan T.

Below you will find the healing of Dan who had been bed-ridden for 2 weeks with high fever and so much fatigue and aches and pain that he could not even get out of bed, UNTIL I ministered deliverance to him and called it all out of him.  Praise God!!"Thank you...

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Rene C.

Hello Rev. Eleanor, I hope all is well with you. I want to give you an update on my condition. I haven’t completed the entire book, but I have read some of it, and have put to practice what I’ve learned so far. As I started reading “Spirits of Infirmity” and “Daily...

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Katherine R.

Dear Eleanor,I was very impacted by how effective and dramatic the deliverance appointment on Saturday was.  I had been working away at self-deliverance but after 2 hours with you, I realizse that I'm spinning my wheels. Katherine R. - Ontario, Canada

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Roger L.

Hello Eleanor,I am very grateful to you for the deliverance and casting out of demons that had been tormenting me since chldhood. Thank you for the inner healing that needed to be done due to all the childhood traumas I endured, and, of course the casting out of the...

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Steven S.

Thank you for the Deliverance, Rev. Eleanor.  I am more relaxed now and not letting stuff get to me. Also I'm  not cussing at all anymore and I just feel like I've got a huge load off my shoulders.  I no longer have a desire to do drugs nor do I dream...

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