Dear Eleanor and team,

Just wanted to share the dream I had last night after being at the meeting on freemasonry! My grandparents and great-grandparents were both heavily involved in the masons and eastern star and I, the “Order of Rainbow for girls”. As you were casting out different demons and breaking off curses, different family members kept coming to my mind that had died from stomach cancer, melanoma cancer, heart attack, and one of my fathers uncles was even violently murdered. In my own family there have been many accidents and satan tried to kill me and my last child (now 5) when I gave birth to her (amazing story), but I called upon the name of the Lord as I was going unconscious and the Lord delivered me (Psalm 91). Anyway, I am so grateful to God for giving me this dream to confirm that ties were severed and deliverance did, indeed, take place. 🙂

You will see yourself in it, Eleanor, and the other person with you I believe was the Holy Spirit! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!! Thank you and bless you and your team for laying your lives down time after time to help set the captives free!!

Oh! I also wanted to tell you, Eleanor, that yesterday before I went to the meeting, I had worship music on and was talking to my mother on the phone in the other room. As I looked over toward the room where the worship music was playing, I saw in the spirit an angel dancing and worshiping and clapping his hands in a way that I wouldn’t have expected an angel to do. Then, when I arrived at the meeting and the worship music started, you were dancing and clapping to the music and moving your feet in the EXACT way I had seen the angel doing!!! I was so excited to see that God brought me there and even confirmed it in His beautiful, amazing and powerful way! He is good!!
So, here’s the dream. 🙂

In the dream I was staying in a house and it was somehow attached to my grandparents house. I was taken on a tour and my grandparents part of the house was a lot bigger than mine. It wasn’t my permanent residence, but seemed like I was just staying there temporarily. I had my children with me and when it became time for bed I heard a noise and at first I thought it was a mouse, but then I actually saw one run by and saw that it was a RAT. I didn’t want to stay there anymore but wasn’t sure where to go. I was really concerned that the rats would crawl on my children when they slept. So, I walked around the house trying to find the places they were getting in so I could plug up those holes, but the house was older as well as on the bigger side. I knew there were a lot of them, plus I didn’t know how I would kill them. I definitely knew I wouldn’t be able to kill them all myself. I picked up a pile of clothes and there was a nest of them hiding under them. I knew they were hiding in the house, but I couldn’t see them and they would only come out at night. I didn’t want to stay there any longer with my children but didn’t know where we would go. Then a woman, who was shorter than me and had light colored hair and also another person with her that I didn’t directly see, came to me and I told them what was going on with the rats in the house. Then they took me to a room and lifted up a board or something and showed me all the dead rats that they had killed!! The scene was a bit graphic and there were quite a bunch of them. Somehow they had killed them all in this one confined area. The biggest ones were laying on the top of the pile with a bunch of smaller ones underneath. I could clearly see the bigger ones and their bluish-gray colored dead bodies. The most graphic part was that the rats heads had been completely cut off and I knew that the woman and her companion had killed each one individually with some sort of tool. End of dream.

Thank you so much for helping me clean my house of those filthy, disease-infested rats!!! Bless you and looking forward to coming to the next meeting.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!
Dianna R.