“Dear Isaiah 61, I would like to say thank you for this last group deliverance. I have been coming to the ministry since 12/11/04. I have learned a lot from Eleanor & the ministry. I thought that the last group deliverance would be on the topic of “Reversing the Rejection Syndrome,” but instead it turned out to be the topic of “Child Abuse & its Effects”. Actually, I was hoping that Eleanor would eventually get to that topic as I knew I needed deliverance in this area among others. I suffered child abuse from 2 babysitters as a child. As a matter of fact, during that group deliverance, I remembered the second one. Prior to the deliverance, I always remembered the first babysitter and the abuse, but I, somehow, I would block out the second babysitter and the abuse out of my mind. I am sure that the continuation of this group deliverance will bring further deliverance & healing in this area. God bless you!” – Joanne