“I am a pastor and have been attending personal and group deliverance sessions for about 4 months now. My heart is for me to be walking in my full destiny and to help others to walk in theirs. I have been set free from so much junk I don’t know where to begin. I feel much freer in my spirit than I have ever been. I have dealt with allergies most of my life and have never given up on praying for healing. I feel that the hindrance to my healing has been from generational curses. Through this ministry I now can take deep breaths without coughing and my lungs feel much better. I feel that I am very close to complete deliverance from allergies. I have been delivered from things that I had know idea existed in my bloodlines and am so happy that they have been broken off and will not carry on to my children or grand children. I will continue with these sessions and I believe that every believer who desires complete freedom in any area of there walk with the Lord should attend these sessions. The Lord has also begun to use us to deliver others. We will be praying for people and they will just start to manifest and we at least know the basics on how to help them.” – Mark Kuntz