“Thank you for those sweet words Eleanor. What an enormous blessing you are. God has truly used your ministry in a powerful way in my life. God wrought a mighty deliverance in my life through you. Honestly, the difference in my life is amazing. Just today there was a nasty temptation in my life brought on through pain. Thank God, the power of the things that held me bound before is broken. Now I can deal with temptations like normal things. They don’t have me, I have them. I am able to yield myself to God and His love, and His strength. Eleanor, God is using you. YES HE IS. HE IS USING YOU. One day, on the other side of eternity, I will truly be able to put in words my thanks. More importantly, as you know, Jesus Himself will show you His approval for your works done from a pure heart. The fact that you don’t charge for what you are doing is proof that the Father has indeed stamped His approval on you. Imagine if someone needed deliverance, and Jesus turned them away because they could not pay. Jesus never charged. I pray the financial blessings of God on you Eleanor. I will miss these weeks teachings immensely. The wisdom and power of the teachings is crazy. It seems like I’m babbling, but it is FROM MY HEART. I know that you will never know on this side exactly what fruit belongs to you. But one day you will know. ONE DAY YOU WILL KNOW! May God continue to use you in that powerful ministry that He has given you. May God use my life also for His Kingdom’s purpose and advancement. Thank you again.”

Nathaniel S.