March of 2008 I became very sick and was unable to function more than an hour at a time without having to rest or sleep. I saw a Doctor who took blood and performed many blood tests…my tests came back with high red blood counts. The Doctor said that he feared that I may have Leukemia and he would like me to get more blood work done as well as CAT scan to determine what the diagnosis might be. My scan showed something in the Kidney area, but the Doctor was unsure of what it was. He sent me to a specialist who took several X-rays and was unable to determine the problem. I was then sent to an Oncologist. I spent 17 months going to Doctors and not one was able to determine the problem, but I was told several times that it was possible that I may have Leukemia. I spent over 17 months very tired and very ill. I was mostly in bed, with the exception of getting up to bring my kids to school and cook dinner. I worked few hours and could barely make it through a work day.

I called Eleanor and she broke the curse off of me and immediately I was able to spend the entire day cleaning my house and had more energy than I knew what to do with. When I went back to the Oncologist he said, “I can tell you 100% that you do Not have leukemia or any other form of cancer.” My blood counts were back to normal and I give all the Glory to God!.

Niki May