Dear Eleanor: Thank you for coming to my home in August of this year to do spiritual house cleaning and deliverance on myself and children. As you know we all manifested and had a great deliverance. A few things that I believe were a direct result of your obedience to God to visit us that day and some of the spiritual healing we experienced:

The most noticeable result for me so far has been great spiritual relief that I feel in general. In spite of typical parent/child conflicts and financial difficulties, I no longer feel as though I’m weighted down by some heavy blanket that was thrown over my home. The “enlightenment” I often hear thrown about in New Age circles can’t compare to the inner peace and comfort the Holy Spirit has laid on me since then. I just feel such relief and release.

In my real estate business (which had been experiencing a dry spell for six full months) the following was noted within 48 hours of our little deliverance at my home:

l) I received a strong written offer on one of my newest listings which was then accepted by my seller and is now in escrow!;

2) An offer was accepted by my buyers who had been actively searching for months, and had written three previous unaccepted offers on other homes;

3) a buyer I had just left that morning, called me with an hour of your leaving, to let me know her husband had agreed that afternoon to double the price range on their search to begin looking at more expensive homes.

Noily C.