testim3Note: Paul has been an Elder at a Church for 27 years, and is a strong Born Again Believer.

“I wanted to write a brief testimony regarding my deliverance and the related cancer healing on my daughter Christina. I hope this will be an inspiration to those who read your website and put aside any doubt that deliverance in not a reality.

A few months ago a good friend of my asked me to attend one of your services regarding deliverance. I have never been involved in a deliverance ministry but have seen such things on Christian television. I agreed to go as my curiosity got the better of me. You were doing a teaching and group deliverance on Catholicism and how a Christian can have a demon. As the group deliverance process proceeded I began to feel somewhat strange. I followed your instructions and to my amazement I started to manifest. In fact the rest of this is based on what my friend told me happened as I do not remember all the details because I was manifesting. My friend told me that I was shaking and rocking back and forth and that a demon started to speak. It identified itself as cancer and said it had my daughter, Christina. Under your spiritual leadership the demon was cast out and the curse on my daughter was broken. For brevity purposes I won’t go into all the detail of how the demon entered. The fact remains that I was a born again Christian whose spirit was not possessed by a demon but was demonized from past incidents in my life and past generational issues of my family.

My daughter Christina was diagnosed with cancer there years earlier and has undergone seven operations. The cancer was very specific and the demon that manifested in me told where it was on her. Are demons real, you better start believing! To make a longer story short, I told my wife and daughter what had happened and I found out that my daughter had gone back to the hospital for additional testing as a previous test indicated the return of the cancer. Well she went back and had her tests and the cancer was totally gone. The generational curse of cancer that was passed on by me was broken by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I encourage readers of this testimony to consider this analogy if you doubt you can be demonized even if you are a born again Christian. When you buy a home you get title to it. You also inherit all the problems associated with the home; the rats and termites are also yours. The home may look great on the outside but the inside may be infested with all sorts of things. It is your job to get rid of those things in order to get your house in order.

Likewise when you have accepted Jesus in your heart as Lord and Savior, your spirit is now possessed by Jesus and the Holy Spirit, yet you still may be carrying a lot of trash with you that must to be removed if you are to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. This is where deliverance comes in. Don’t let Satan try to trick you with religious doctrine and tell you this is not possible. Believe me once you see it and or experience it yourself you will believe. Blessings and deliverance to all!”

Paul D.