My name is Steve Winum and I’m a very grateful Believer in Jesus Christ who struggled for 34 years with alcohol, crack cocaine, cigarettes, womanizing and all that goes along with that evil life style, despite being raised in a very loving home, but because of generational and ancestral curses in my bloodline.  I tried every program that is out there and nothing worked until I came to Isaiah 61 Ministries.  Pastor Eleanor did several individual l-3 hour Inner Healing and Deliverance sessions with me and in conjunction with attending the Group Deliverances all of these generational curses  and my own personal sin curses were broken and l00’s of demons cast out of me.  At this point I was totally set free of my drug, alcohol, cigarettes and sexual addictions that had ruled and controlled my life!!  I have been clean, sober and quit smoking cigarettes and free from sexual addictions for 5 years now. I am now a part of the Isaiah 61 Ministries Team and sharing my testimony at Homeless Shelters and Bible Studies. To God be the Glory!!

Steve Winum,

Phx. AZ