Hi Eleanor,

Please feel free to share our testimony.

My husband Frank, our son Frank, our daughter Kaitlyn and I attended the group deliverance on Finance about six months ago.  Looking back at that date up to the present date, we can see the changes that have taken place in our lives concerning employment and finances.

A little more than a year ago, a situation happened with my husband’s employer, concerning Frank’s co-worker and some others.  This situation brought Frank into the middle of an ordeal in which he was interviewed about another individual.  Frank made the decision to be truthful in his testimony, which was not favorable with this individual and from there the retaliation began.  Although Frank had continually tried to make peace with this person, the retaliation effort by this individual and friends lasted for over a year.  I cannot give the details of the ordeal, but it was extremely difficult to deal with and it caused many problems for many people.

The night that we attended the financial group deliverance, one of the demons that Eleanor called out was a demon that caused discord in the work place between co-workers.  The other demons that were called out were demons that hindered job growth and job promotions, and many other demons that attack us and hinder us from receiving Gods financial blessings in our lives.

Not too long after the group deliverance meeting, changes started to take place.  The first change that took place was a reconciliation effort by the individual who was retaliating against Frank.  This person invited Frank to lunch so that they could begin to put this whole situation behind them.  Since then, much of the tension and stress in the workplace that was caused from this situation has been lifted.

It is as if there has been a blockage or dam that was holding back blessings that God intended for Frank all along, and the blockage has been removed.   Frank has since been asked to serve on a state government board, which is an appointed position, by the governor.  Within several months he was promoted to serve as vice chair due to his extensive experience and accomplishments.  Another thing that happened since this group deliverance is that Frank received a promotion at work, which doubled the size of his territory.  The promotion happened as if in a snap of a finger—overnight.  Out of the blue, headhunters and recruiters have been calling with job opportunities for him to consider.

The most important thing we realize through this is that the Lord is always with us and He knows what we are going through and He loves us and we matter to Him, even our experiences at work.

My son Frank:

After attending the financial group deliverance meetings, received a job opportunity from a company that found his resume online.  The job offered double his current salary plus included a bonus!  He had to relocate to Jacksonville, Florida…so now I miss him, but that’s ok I know God has a plan.  He just recently got engaged and the wedding is planned for July!

My daughter Kaitlyn:

She is a self-employed traveling choreographer/dance teacher—- dance studios across the U.S. and Canada fly her to their studio and compensate her to instruct/teach their students.  She also attended the financial group deliverance and at this time she has so many students and studios that want her to come teach for them that she barely has time to get to all of them.  Kaitlyn also has been delivered from heavy oppression that derived from previous employment; the Holy Spirit is continually doing a healing work in her.

I give all the glory to God our Father, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I am thankful to Eleanor for the tiring work she does for the Lord and her ministry that the Lord gave to her and for being steadfast and following the Lord at all costs.


Frank & Lori