Note:  This is a woman with a teenage son who was on medications for depression and all of a sudden went into her bathroom and pointed a gun at her head and tried to shoot herself.  She didn’t succeed and was taken to ER.  She was out of her mind and doesn’t even remember the incident. She was sexually molested as a little girl, which led to the depression as an adult. The testimony she writes is after going through deliverance.

“I cannot tell you how amazing I feel after Tuesday’s session.  I was able to stand out in the dark and look up at the stars without being afraid, not to mention standing in the dark with a breeze and still not being afraid.  I felt nothing but peace.  Yesterday, I went to the grocery store which normally would involve taking Klonopin before leaving, drove with the windows down and did my grocery shopping without incident.  I wasn’t even concerned with whether I would make it home before dark or not.  Praise God!!!

Wendi G.
Glendale, AZ