I stopped going to the Group Deliverance sessions about 7 months ago and in that period of time I went from a size 4 to size 11.  My eating habits had not changed and I was exercising and could not understand where the weight was coming from.  It was all around my middle section, my belly.  I tried prayer and nothing.  I looked pregnant and was very uncomfortable.  As I was praying one day and asking the Lord what is this, I look pregnant!  His response was “you are…with demons and soul wounds, get back to Eleanor’s, I had you there for a reason.”  After one session when Eleanor called out ‘Anger at God’, my abdomen and waist shrunk immediately by 2 sizes – the fat was gone and my size 13 jeans were huge on me.  I went home and fit into my size 9 jeans immediately.  And the best part is that I
had been out of work for 7 months and sent out 100’s of resumes all to no avail.  But the next day after this deliverance from ‘Anger at God’, I got a job offer that’s better than anything I ever had before.  Thank you Jesus!
Ashley D.
Phoenix, AZ