Dear Eleanor,

I want to thank you for your care and dedication to Isaiah 61; God is working miracles through you and the ministry team.  Since coming to Isaiah 61 a year and eight months ago I have been set free from many problems that had been tormenting me for most of my life.  I have been a Christian for thirty years, and always prayed for these things to leave me, but still no victory year after year.

I have suffered from insomnia since I was a child. Over the years I use herbs and different over the counter drugs to help me fall asleep and stay asleep.  One night at the meeting you cast out sleep disorders, I felt something break off of me.  I no longer have to take anything for sleep, because I fall asleep quickly and stay sleeping through the night soundly.

And last May in the meeting you cast out the emotional trauma in early childhood, which cause eating disorders.  I have lived with an eating disorder since I was a child.  I had been harassed by food thoughts to overeat; when I felt myself being bored, lonely, depressed or frustrated. And  so my destructive emotions would cause me to go on eating binges in order to cope with my emotions as a result I would
make myself totally sick to my stomach overeating on large amounts of food.  I tried 12 step programs, weight watchers, pills, hypnosis, and starvation diets. During the meeting when you cast this out. I had a manifestation and felt something break off of me. Since that meeting in May,  I have been eating all of my meals in moderation and only when I am hungry, I no longer have food thoughts harassing my mind and I have not had a food binge, this is such a miracle and a complete

I have also been set free of suicidal  thoughts and thoughts of worthlessness I am becoming more confident and being blessed in my job as these curses and generational sins and the demons behind them all are being cast out and sent to the pit of hell. Praise the name of the Lord for all He is doing and Thank you Eleanor for your Ministry.

Linda T.
Glendale, AZ