Before coming to Isaiah 61 Ministries, I was in a really dark place, doing drugs and drinking and living a life that was not good.  I’ve tried therapy and NA and nothing helped the way this Ministry has.  When Eleanor delivered me of the generational curse of drugs and alcohol, I was set free. I had been taking Xanax for months, but after deliverance I stopped and have had no bad effects from stopping so suddenly.  The doctor wanted to start me on anti-depressants right before Theresa invited me to the Group Deliverance, but the dark cloud I was under lifted.  Since that time I haven’t taken Xanax or had any alcohol or drugs and I have no desire for any of those things.  I’m so grateful that Theresa took me to Isaiah 61 Ministries and I found Eleanor.  It has brought me out of a dark place and into the light filled with joy, peace and love.

Valarie S.
Phoenix, AZ