This has been such an amazing past 3 months. I have been going to Isaiah 61 off an on for quite a few yrs. Was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus in 2002. I had been on prescription medication way before that date. Arthritis, rheumatoid an osteoporosis was also part of diagnosis. Pain meds started out as over the counter. As time progressed stronger and stronger ones were prescribed. Among other meds. to handle anxiety, depression, inflammation in my body, etc. There was a med for everything and meds for side effects from taking all those original meds. Vicious cycle.
I have an amazing husband, life, great family. I don’t want for anything.I thought my walk with the Lord was good. Seemed like the past yr. every time I went to Dr. appts. I would get a new diagnosis. I just kept thinking something is very very wrong. Kept trying to taper down on my medication over and over again. There were times that when I could stay off the meds long enough my thinking and thought process would be so much clearer. Then pain would set in along with anxiety an depression. Last summer inflammation was so bad my joints were shifting. My toenail and a fingernail fell off in one day. I truly thought things had spiraled so out of control I wasn’t going to be able to pull myself out of this. I was right. I couldn’t.
With starting back with Eleanor’s meetings and teachings in Dec. things started to happen. God new exactly how, what and when. I was desperate. With being off the meds alittle longer at a time, the brain fog seemed to be lifting more. I was able to process more of Eleanor’s  deliverances. Things were making more sense and certainly coming together better. During Dec. and Jan. was group deliverances on the occult an witchcraft. Theres a lot of history in my family with these issues. I felt like that onion with layers gradually being taken off. WOW, things were happening. Amongst other things my fear had lifted. That had gotten so out of control. That’s gone. I truly think addictions, whichever a person chooses is the tip of the iceberg. The root has to be taken care of. My unforgiveness an rejection was I’m sure a big part of the issues.
I’m so thankful for being able to cross paths with Eleanor and Isaiah 61 Ministries. The Lord has really blessed her. I know it will take my family some time to really understand what God has done in my life.  The old me was very impulsive, OCD, had gotten to the point of talking just to talk. So out of control. This new season is going to be an exciting chapter. I’ve heard people say the clarity with reading the Bible has opened up for them. Yes it does open up. The clarity is great.
I don’t want to miss any meetings. Not knowing what area there will be issues or what part of my life will be attached to certain subjects. Also the Daily Prayer Covering and the Dream covering will be a consistent part of my life. The enemy is out to destroy us. No doubt in my mind. Surrender has a whole new meaning these days.
Thank you thank you, Eleanor. You are very blessed.
Thank you God, for your amazing deep love you have for each and everyone of us.
~ Linda Kennedy