“I am 57 years old and have had severe Lupus and Coronary Heart Disease for many years now and the Doctors had me on all kinds of prescription drugs which I then became addicted to. The pain was so severe from the inflammation, swelling in the joints that when I would go for lab work my inflammation markers would be a 25. However, after going through Group Deliverance on the Occult in December (my Mother was a Psychic for the Houston Police Dept) of last year and January of 2014, the inflammation, swelling, pain are all gone and I am able to once again do all the things I couldn’t do before, yard work, lift things and I am back in church and bible study. I went back to the Doctors for more lab work and the inflammation markers were below 1 — they were like a .015. I am completely healed and set free from the addictive prescription drugs, the anti-depressants, all of it and I feel like a brand new woman. My joy is restored and I even went out and bought myself 3 pairs of new shoes because I now feel like I’m worth it! ”

Linda K.
Glendale, Az