I had such severe allergies that I had to get shots every 3 months, but even with shots it would be so bad that I couldn’t breath and had to sleep sitting up. Since getting allergies cast out of me in the Group Deliverance, I have absolutely no allergy symptoms and sleep like a baby and it has been over 3 months since the deliverance. I also had a torn muscle in my arm and broken toe when I came to deliverance for the first time which caused constant pain. After the first session in the Group deliverance on infirmities, I am completely healed and have a full range of motion AND NO PAIN. I also had several gallbladder attacks over the last year, which caused dull pain and a bloating feeling. All of that is gone also since gallbladder problems were cast out. I feel so good and so much more energy and am enjoying my food. The swelling in my body is also gone to the point that my rings need resizing. My hearing,was so bad that I had to blast the TV, but since deliverance, I now turn DOWN the T.V. and radio.

Thank you Jesus, Thank You God, and thank you Eleanor!

Trisha Weaver
Glendale, AZ