Eleanor, Thank you so much for the work you have committed your life to.  I believe that you have saved mine as well as many others! God Bless you!!!”
I came to the December 14th, 2018, Deliverance Meeting on Freemasonry,  despite the fact that I was so weak I was not allowed to drive.  I knew I had to be there so I had my 80 year old mother who has poor night vision drive me.
When I came to the meeting I was declining at a rapid pace.  The shortness of breath, ongoing cough, wheezing and inability to catch my breath with little or no exertion had become too much to bear. The doctors were going to put me on an inhaler.
 I had been on over 13 different seizure medications in the last year and a half.  I couldn’t take a strong enough dose to control the seizures however it was enough to cause neuropathy.  The seizures I had been experiencing caused short-term memory loss, confusion and difficulty with speech.  The speech issues ranged from stuttering, stammering and just using inappropriate words or words out of context.  I also became unable to cook for myself, lost my driving privileges and was confined to the house because of the pain.  I had not been able to work at my job for a year and a half due to my inability to concentrate and all the other issues I was dealing with.
As the Freemasonry curses were broken and deliverance took place, I felt the sharp chest pain that had been constant for months along with the constant ache in my upper right arm leave immediately, although it felt like someone or something was breaking my arm from the inside out.
 I was shocked as I felt immediately better and then they had a nice Christmas celebration afterwards with all kinds of food.  I was able to eat a full plate of food for the first time in a long time and actually keep the food down.  I was also able to fellowship with some of the team members.  I went home and ate 3 more plates of food and the next day I felt so good that I got on a plane and went to visit my daughter in Texas.  Going from feeling like I was dying to leading a normal life again, what a miracle of God! I have been pain free ever since that deliverance meeting! To God be the Glory!”
Johna H.
Comments from Rev. Eleanor:  When Johna first came to the meeting Dec. 14th, she looked like death. The first meeting in January, after the Holiday break, she came back and the Team didn’t recognize her. She was beautiful, radiant, the picture of perfect health, and totally transformed. Deliverance is the miracle-working ministry of Jesus Christ!