In May of 2018, I was diagnosed with what was a very frightening diagnosis: Colon/Rectal Cancer. After 5 Doctors (Gastroenterologist, 2 Colorectal Surgeons and 2 Oncologists), 2 exploratory surgeries and 3 confirmed positive/malignant tests (Pathologist Report, PET Scan & MRI), I was referred to a Team of Cancer Treatment Specialists who told me that they would have to make a new category to classify this RARE FORM OF CANCER. There were no records of research to refer to for methods of treatment.

I had been attending Isaiah 61 Ministries for several months prior to my diagnosis. As soon as Eleanor found out about the diagnosis, she had me call her in order for her to do a phone deliverance of that Curse of Cancer. I manifested very heavily as she called it out. But afterwards I struggled with countless negative thoughts that the enemy was putting into my head, all the while doing my best to stand in faith that the curse was broken and the cancer gone.

Although it would take several months and many more tests before we would get any answers from the Doctors, Eleanor had assured me that everything was going to be fine and that they would find no tumor or cancer. The Specialists and others were not so positive. They prepared me for the worst. As it turned out, PRAISE THE LORD, Eleanor was right! THE TUMOR WAS GONE!

You cannot imagine the relief and overwhelming joy that came over me when I received the final results. I am completely cancer free!! Nor more testing. No more surgeries. No treatments.

God is still in the miracle working business and deliverance is the power arm of God as Eleanor always teaches. I firmly believe that without the deliverance of that curse of cancer and the power of God working through Eleanor, the outcome would have been very different.

Thank you Jesus!
Tyanna H.
Buckeye, AZ