I had 2 emergency room trips due to high blood pressure and not feeling well in the morning after awakening. In one instance I awoke at 3 am and could not breathe. It felt like an explosion in my head with a white flash of light that followed. It sounded like a cherry bomb going off followed by pain on the right side of my head. In each of these ER visits, they did an EKG but never told me the diagnosis. When I went to a regular doctor for an annual physical, the Doctor took an and it EKG showed what they called an enlarged left atrial, which means all of the blood is not pumped out of the heart and he recommended I go to a Cardiologist. But before I did that, I called Eleanor and told her the diagnosis at which time she said she would do a phone deliverance.

All of the men in my bloodline had died of heart problems at ages 52, 54 and 65. Eleanor had me repent for the sins of my father’s bloodline which opened the door to this premature death. She then called out death through heart problems, premature death, enlarged left atrial, and much more. It was a very strong deliverance at which time, I threw up all of these unclean spirits causing these afflictions and after a 45 minute deliverance it was finished.

I then went to my appointment with the Cardiologist and he took an ultra sound and listened to my heart. The Cardiologist told me the ultra sound showed there was nothing wrong with my heart and that the EKG machine must have made an error. When John showed him that it was 3 EKG’s from 3 different places with all the readings showing the same thing – enlarged left atrial, the Doctor was confounded and didn’t know to say.

Thank you, Jesus, for the miracle of a healed left atrial. When I went back for a followup appointment they did a treadmill test for 9 minutes as the treadmill was elevated and the Doctor told me I passed with flying colors, no restrictions, no enlarged left atrial. He said “the missing alga rhythm on the 3 EKGs was not there anymore, proving it was normal.I don’t know if I’d be here today without the deliverance I received! Thank you Lord!

John Hennke
Anthem, AZ.