When I started coming to the Isaiah 61 meetings a year ago, Eleanor called out Asthma and I haven’t had asthma in a full year, not even a cold. Before that I would get colds and influenza every year and that would trigger asthma and I would be sick for a couple of months every time. Praise The Lord I am healed and free from asthma. I waited for a full year to give a time-tested testimony. Thank you Eleanor for being a brave, good and faithful servant of our Lord. The Lord has taught me so much through you.

Another testimony is that when Eleanor was having a Group Deliverance on the Occult and she called out the signs of the Zodiac and had us renounce the signs we believed we were under before we knew better, When she had us repeat “I’m not under the sign of Aries, I’m under the sign of the cross of Christ.” In that moment something clicked for me in the spirit realm and something got broken. For the first time in my walk with The Lord, I know that I know that I am a child of God. I’ve always believed it and known it, but I didn’t really feel like a child of God. Now I do. I have been filled with such joy from the Lord since. I’ve been singing that old song, Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory, because that’s what I have in my heart.

Monica L.
Phx. Az