I can’t begin to even put in to words the mental torment I went through starting at the age of five. I had serious OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). The obsessions would repeat over and over and over. The only time I didn’t have the thoughts would be when I was sleeping at night. The thoughts were the fear of losing anyone in my family…my loved ones. I have prayed for years and years for God to take it away so I could enjoy my family while I still had them. Every time the phone would ring I would think it was someone calling to deliver the news that my mom had died or my dad had died. I was haunted all the time and had visions of going to their funerals and it caused me deep pain. I did everything to try and stop the thoughts but I couldn’t. I just recently had the most powerful deliverance from Eleanor. She cast out all of the demons that had gone into the darkest of regions. I have had the joy of the Lord ever since. All of the heaviness and pain has been lifted and I truly feel set free. My heart feels restored and I am trusting that God knows best because He does! I have faith that He will be with me through the good days as well as the challenging days. He has really put a new song in my heart. I’m excited to live for God and share His goodness with as many people as I can!! Praise Jesus!!!

Whitney Steele
Scottsdale, AZ